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     It had been nearly a month since I had played Pokemon White, or even go anywhere near my Nintendo DS. The game had been sitting in the DS, unharmed, and ready to be played. It was dark outside, my parents had gone to sleep, my brother was watching TV in his bedroom down the hallway from mine, and my dad had made me get off my computer. I wasn't at all tired. I looked at the clock next to me. It read 11:43. I shrugged, then turned on my DS. As the light shined in my eyes, I went to the menu. "Insert game" was written on it. I turned the DS around. Yup, Pokemon White was inserted. In the game slot. Ready. I turned it back around to see that the screen now said "Pokemon White". It must have been my imagination… I hit start, and the game started. Once it opened the title screen, I was shocked to see that instead of Zekrom appearing, there was a man in a black robe. It must be an update? I was confused. His pixels grew larger, and I noticed how good the quality of his face was… Almost as if it was a real picture. I turned the volume up after seeing his lips move. "Don't play the game…" he whispered. I rubbed my eyes. Something must be wrong with my head today. The man was gone, and Zekrom was there. "Hit start to begin".

    I hit start. The game began. Everything was black and white. I assumed it was a glitch on my DS, it was getting pretty old but my parents refused to buy my a DSi, or even the new 3DS. I sighed. At least it still works. I went to my party to refresh my memory of the levels of my Pokemon. Each of them were level 0. "…0?" I said aloud. Something was wrong. I used my Unfezant to fly to a town's Pokecenter. He used the move, I made it there, but suddenly the evolution screen turned on. "Unfezant devolved to… Pidove!" I was horribly confused. Devolving? Unfezant to Pidove? What was going on? I immediately went into the Pokemon center, accessed my computer, and opened up the last box in my PC; where I store my favorite Pokemon. Karina, my shiny deerling, named after one of my friends, was a black blob of sludge. I went to her information. "Found on Route Hell." I was horribly confused. Under that, it said "You abandoned me… forgot about me… hated me." I frowned. Could these pixels have emotions? I managed to add her to my party. Seven Pokemon? At once? I went out of the PC, and to my party. Karina, the blob, was the only one there. I was confused, but went outside.

     I encountered a Beedrill, but I wasn't even in grass. "Beedrill. Level 121." Pokemon can't go over level 100, though I thought. It's first move was Pinmissle.   "It's Super Affective! Karina fainted." Suddenly, the blob dissolved, and I was left with a black screen. After staring at it for a while, I noticed small, yellow dots growing larger. They were as lifelike as the man. As they grew bigger, I was almost scared. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of Beedrills starting pounding inside my DS. Suddenly, the glass began to break, and there was a swarm of angry bees in my room. I threw my DS across the room as more flooded out, but it was too late. In seconds I was a bloody mess. The last thing I saw where the Beedrills dragging me into my gaming console. Everything after that went black.

     Many news reports were sent out for the missing girl. The only thing that was left was a pink DS found on her bed, and blood stains on her mattress. A month later, at her family's yard sale, a boy bought her DS, along with her Pokemon White game. Seven months later, he was found dead with bee stings all over his body. No one discovered the mysteries of the two children.
This is my first piece of creepypasta, so cut me some slack if it sucks xD I've been wanting to do this for a while, so here you go haha <3
Criticism is highly appreciated<3
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TheDragon-Empress Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Really good!
flowerdeers Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha |D That was a great concept! Neatly written, too! I liked it! :3

Hah, Karina the blob. |D I have something to harass her with.
flowertigers Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks <3
And yay haha, another thing is, it's a male blob c:
and it's shiny too lolol~
flowerdeers Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ohgod xD
That's awesome<3
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